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Real Estate Law Firm Scanning Bottleneck

Are You a Law Firm With A Scanning Bottleneck?

THE CHALLENGE – Scanning Bottleneck: A mid-sized law firm specializing in real estate transactions and litigation has a large client roster that includes developers, entrepreneurs and government agencies. In this paper-intensive business, significant document workflow inefficiencies have been identified by the law firm itself. Specifically, the scanning of hardcopy documents to the firm’s document management system is creating bottlenecks; multiple steps are required to incorporate paper into their digital workflow, which is further complicated by the lack of easy document tracking and retrieval. The challenge is to replace outdated machines with state-of-the-art Kyocera document imaging devices.


THE REQUIREMENTS – Streamline Document Workflow and Automate Document Versioning: The firm required MFPs that could streamline document workflow, while also automating document versioning, whereby a unique identifier is embedded in each scanned page. As legal briefs, motions and rulings are communicated between multiple parties (offices, attorneys and clients), the office must maintain accurate records of each review cycle.


THE PROPOSAL – Kyocera DMS Link Enhances Existing Processes: The proposal called for the installation of five Kyocera Color MFPs and DMS Link 4.0 for Legal, a highly scalable business application that would integrate the MFP with existing processes that the law firm already had in place. DMS Link 4.0 for Legal’s pre-set workflows support Bates Stamping and Legal Expert Database functionality, which would help simplify content capture and management.


THE RESULT – Improved Information Sharing, Resource Optimization and Document Workflows: After deployment of the high-performance Kyocera MFPs
enabled with DMS Link 4.0 for Legal, the firm realized far-reaching benefits; MFP users enjoy easy document indexing, scanning, archival and retrieval, which in turn boosts office productivity and improves document security.

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Save Your Law Firm Time On Scanned Documents

Legal Office Saves Time and Money with Carbon Copy, Inc.Electronic LEGAL Files

Without files, the legal industry could not function. The success of the litigation process depends on the generation and distribution of information that can be extremely time consuming. With many court systems only accepting documents in electronic format the need for efficient digital imaging and document management is growing. KYOCERA managed document services provide reliable, secure managed print services that are time and cost efficient.


I Can’t Scan Anymore

Carbon Copy, your copier and printer specialists

I Can’t Scan Anymore!

If you have a full-service provider like Carbon Copy for your printers and copiers – no worries. Just call 1-800-626-3166! If this is not the case, before panic sets in because you are probably under a deadline, reboot your computer and copier or printer. Then call Mark. 🙂

Image result for can't scan frustrated pictureWhat Has Changed?

Stay Calm. It is possible that there has been an update, so checking with your IT department is always a good place to start. Always try to determine what has changed. Did you change Internet Providers, or the Hosting of your Email or any passwords?

Check Your Drivers

Make sure your computer has the latest drivers for the printer or copier, and if not, update them. If they are current, consider replacing the driver. Files can get corrupted or may not be compatible with other changes that have been made.

Still Can’t Scan or Are You Scanning to a Folder?

Make sure that the folders has the proper permissions and the network connection type is correct i.e., Work or Public. If you have an Internet Security Program make sure that it trusts the local traffic from the printer or copier.

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