Upgrade Your Copier to Save

Did you know that your copier/Multi-Function Printing Device is one of the most used machines in your office?

Did you also know that the most upset and frustration comes when the copier may not be functioning at it’s best – and of course this is always around a deadline.

That is why you should have Carbon Copy, Inc. come and inspect your copier/printer and make sure it is suited to your office demands. Technology changes and advances and so do your office needs. Make sure you take all the necessary precautions to protect your most treasured asset – your employees. 

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Copiers and Printers

1. Improved Quality: Upgrades often come with new technology designed specifically to help you better manage your documents and improve the overall quality of your printed materials. Color printers today can actually produce the same or higher quality documents and images than you would receive from your local print shops, and at much lower prices.

2. Lower Costs: A lower cost per copy is always welcome. Because an upgraded machine operates more efficiently, newer machines will typically provide a lower cost per copy. Imagine doing your work inhouse, meeting your deadlines, reducing your reliance on print shops, saving you both time and money.

3. Less Maintenance: Upgrade your copier to replace older inefficient equipment with newer technology that will improve the overall function of your office. This translates into fewer calls to your maintenance service provider and less money spent on repairs.

4. Multifunctional: Upgrading your copiers and printers to an MFP combines the functions of copiers, network printers, scanners, and fax machines all into one device. It is more efficient and you will save on supplies and electricity.

5. Enhanced Security: Most upgrades come with new security features designed to prevent unauthorized usage. Some of these features may  help you identify printing patterns which will help you set printing limits. Newer devices can also include security features that encrypt or protect the data stored on your device’s hard drive.

Small technical changes, like upgrading your copiers and printers, can often improve your production possibilities in a big way. Capabilities that used to be expensive or unavailable are now standard on today’s digital devices. 





This is why Carbon Copy has chosen Kyocera as their equipment partner. Kyocera named and awarded Carbon Copy as:

  • Authorized Copystar (a Division of Kyocera) Dealer.
  • “Elite” Dealer four times in the five years.
  • Total Solution Provider status.
  • Service Solution Provider status.

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Carbon Copy Inc. is a 25 year provider of commercial grade multi-function office technology devices that print, scan, fax & copy economically and we help our customers to be more efficient while lowering operating costs.

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We sell and service the equipment, provide network services and support with consumables and other supplies. Printers large and small – copiers and multi-function equipment – scanners, fax machines, wide format & specialty units…whatever your need, chances are we have it or can get it for you! And, if you have old printers in mothballs you’d like repaired and returned to service, our Full Line Expert Printer Repair service is what you need. Staffed by the best printer technicians in this part of the country with a full parts warehouse to draw from, Carbon Copy Inc. will tackle your situation and earn your business until the end of time!

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