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The Moral of the Story:

“Only buy your printers or copiers from someone who is going to service it themselves.”


What do you do if your Printer is Broken?

Who do you call? Well, you might take your printer to the location where you bought it, where they probably instruct you to mail it back to the manufacturer. How many days does this take? Probably about nine days.

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Hindsight is 20/20 – Buy your printer from someone who has a service department and doesn’t rely on selling you supplies to stay alive as in the Staples business model.

Printers and Copiers

Look around your office – you probably have a copier, a few printers; some shared and some not shared. One breaks and who do you call? Depends on the brand or where you bought it. Oh, let’s just go buy another one. Wait, is it the same as the others? If not, there’s another learning curve and compatibility issues, not to mention service issues.

Such is the case of a company in Placerville that was spending about $400 – $500 a month is toner drum fuser units and labor and cartridge replacements for their printers. They were using over 1/2 case of paper a month and replacing cartridges once a month. Mark was able to save them $250 a month and now they have a service department to call.

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Another business in Placerville was using over 1/2 case of paper a month just trying to stay up with classes, fliers, and invoices and was able to save $200 a month in cartridges alone!

Call One Person at Your Service Department

Wouldn’t it be nice to have one person – yes, that is a real live human being – on the other line that knows what equipment you have and shows up and takes care of all of it all while saving you money?

Get the Most Out of What You Have – Don’t Stockpile your Ink Cartridges

If you still are using ink cartridges, how you buy your cartridges is important. Those high-yield ink jets are designed to dry out. They don’t last longer than a year. If they aren’t getting used enough, they will literally have a stroke and clog up. By the way, if you think you are being smart and found a great sale and stockpiled your favorite ink cartridges (if there is such a thing). They already started drying out when they were put on the office supply shelf.

Should I Buy ReCharged Cartridges?

Recharged Cartridges are only designed for one use and they get worn. This is a whole industry in itself. 39% of all recharged cartridges will go bad. Did it get recharged to 100% or 75%.


Buy the freshest cartridges you can and when you have a problem, your first line of defense is to replace the cartridge with a new OEM name brand cartridge.


Your Service Department – Carbon Copy, Inc.

We work at being the best that we can every time! Every technician doesn’t have all the answers but ours have at least 20 years experience and they talk to each other – so you have a well qualified Team.

Better than calling the manufacturer because they usually throw parts at it and their employee on the phone has only been in the business for a few months.

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We don’t replace things that don’t need to be replaced and we try to set it up so that the same installing technician comes back.

Your printer manufacturer subs out their service but we don’t.

The Moral of the Story:

“Only buy your printers or copiers from someone who is going to service it themselves.”

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Mark Scott 1-800-626-3166