The Worst Printing Crimes – Are They Happening in Your Office?happy-printer sm

Little do most people know about the unspeakable printing crimes that are committed on a daily basis in offices around the globe.

Need some evidence?

Despite everybody seeming to strive for a paperless office, the research and advisory company GARTNER says the amount of paper produced by the average company is actually growing annually at a rate of 25% – far from a trivial offence! Here are the five big printing crimes your company might be committing this very second.

Is Your Company Spending Too Much On Color Printouts?

Color Printing

Is Your Company Committing This Crime

Before pulling the trigger on the mouse, you should ask yourself: Is this exciting Excel spreadsheet really worth using color tonor?

Preventing Unnecessary Color Printing

To  prevent this type of criminal squander, you can define print profiles, or even restrict specific user profiles to print in black and white only. Also to further save, always print everything except the proof and final in draft mode. Don’t forget about software options too – shrink to fit to save that last orphan line from being an extra page.

Saving Money on Color Printing

And by acquiring the right devices and automatically redirecting certain kinds of documents to the most suitable for the job at hand, you can lower the costs of any MUST HAVE color printout.

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Kyocera Solutions – Multifunctional Digital Color Systems Troubleshooting Guide

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