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I Can’t Scan Anymore!

If you have a full-service provider like Carbon Copy for your printers and copiers – no worries. Just call 1-800-626-3166! If this is not the case, before panic sets in because you are probably under a deadline, reboot your computer and copier or printer. Then call Mark. 🙂

Image result for can't scan frustrated pictureWhat Has Changed?

Stay Calm. It is possible that there has been an update, so checking with your IT department is always a good place to start. Always try to determine what has changed. Did you change Internet Providers, or the Hosting of your Email or any passwords?

Check Your Drivers

Make sure your computer has the latest drivers for the printer or copier, and if not, update them. If they are current, consider replacing the driver. Files can get corrupted or may not be compatible with other changes that have been made.

Still Can’t Scan or Are You Scanning to a Folder?

Make sure that the folders has the proper permissions and the network connection type is correct i.e., Work or Public. If you have an Internet Security Program make sure that it trusts the local traffic from the printer or copier.

happy-printer sm

Mark Scott from Carbon Copy, has got you covered in the field or on the phone. No worries about missing your next deadline with his friendly and talented staff.  No less than 25 years of experience with any of the technicians – so your problems are a thing of the past.


If you use over 1/2 case of paper a month, let Mark show you how to save time and money – with a smile – always.